Lukins & Associates’ team of international experts in security, safety, crisis management, intelligence and information create revolutionary solutions which empower our clients to foresee, prepare and prevent man-made and natural disasters. 

We commit ourselves to empowering governments, corporations, and individuals to prepare, respond and recovery from any crisis.

Lukins & Associates uniquely combines emergency response and crisis management with cutting-edge technological solutions. Our commitment to serving and empowering our clients to Prepare, Prevent, Respond and Restore, challenges the status quo of the global energy and transportation sectors:

  •  Prepare:
    • Assessments
      • Risk
      • Threat
      • Vulnerability
    • Planning
      • Regulatory Integration
      • Contingency Planning
    • Training, Drills, and Exercises
  •  Prevent:
    • Review and Advise on Countermeasures
    • Training, Drills & Exercises
    • Intelligence and Information
  •  Respond:
    • Implementation of Countermeasures
    • Qualified Personnel
    • State-of-the-Art Security and Response Systems
    • Protocols
  •  Restore:
    • Rebuild
    • Repair
    • Reinstate
    • Heal
    • Fortify

Pioneering a new path, we invite you to join us and modernize your vision.

With our international partners, Lukins & Associates has secured PPE and advanced systems to help combat COVID and other viruses.  This includes protective masks, gloves, sanitizer as well as advanced systems to purify air - removing COVID from your environment.