Security Countermeasures

Security has become a household word.  While by no means a new problem, the past decade has seen a dramatic rise in terrorist activities that rival any in world history.  Whether this is true because acts of terrorism are actually increasing or just reported more remains arguable.

Our Security Countermeasures course assists security personnel in gaining a full understanding of the potential vulnerabilities of their assets and the various countermeasures that can be utilized to reduce those vulnerabilities.  It uses case studies to examine the numerous potential security threats and risks to assist the student in determining which countermeasures work best for any potential situation.


Course topics include:

  • Building a stronger security system 
  • Circumventing countermeasures 
  • Current threats 
    • External threats 
    • Internal threats
  • "Green" security (environmentally friendly) 
  • History of terrorism and piracy 
  • Pros and cons of various security systems 
  • Risk management and analysis 
  • Security vs. operational needs 
  • Types of security countermeasures 
    • Corrective controls 
    • Detective controls 
    • Deterrent controls 
    • Preventive controls

Duration: This course is offered in several formats that range from a one day (8 hour) course to a full five (5) day - 40 hour course.

Prerequisites: None

Lukins & Associates offers, in venture with our numerous partners, physical security countermeasures to include, but not limited to:

Vehicles scanners
ACE Security Laminate (See additional information on this site)
Aerostat balloon observation and communication systems
Aerial mapping
Anti-ballistic bricks
Vyper security vehicle


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