Travel and Living Abroad

In reality, the chance of being subjected to terrorist violence for most of us is still relatively small. Nevertheless, it is very important for your mental health, the mental health of your family, and the financial well-being of your loved ones that you take precautionary measures. A few hours, or even minutes, spent considering the possible consequences of a terrorist or criminal attack can have tremendous benefits as is shown by numerous reports of those who have been held hostage. In addition, some of the preparations are just as beneficial should you suffer some other mishap. We have all come to recognize the benefits of health, life, and other forms of insurance and treat these preparatory measures in a rather matter-of-fact manner. This course provides the essentials for safe travel and living abroad.


Course topics include:


Be Informed
Prepare for Travel
Are Your Affairs in Order?
Useful Information
Emergency Notification
Valuable Tips
Travel to Safe Destinations
High Threat Area Profiles
Emergency Notification
Miscellaneous Tips
Are You Ready?

Duration: 8 Hours

Prerequisites: None


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