Vehicle Security

The inherent security problems of passenger vehicle travel are many. Vehicles are easily recognized by year, make, and model. The trailing terrorist or criminal can accurately assess any protection modifications and security devices. Using adequate resources, vehicles can be discreetly followed. Therefore, make repeated dry runs of potential attacks with very low risk of detection. Under these conditions, different methods of attack can be formulated and tested until success is ensured. While traveling in a passenger vehicle, the executive has limited protection resources upon which to rely and often is dependent on fixed security manpower. This makes it easier for terrorist groups, which are geared to mobility, to ensure numerical superiority. This course details the risks and mitigation tactics for superior vehicle security in hostile operating conditions.

Course topics include:

Precautionary Safeguards
Vehicle Equipment
Know your Vulnerabilities
Take Action to Harden Your Vehicle as a Target
Proactive Driving Guidelines

Duration: 8 Hours

Prerequisites: None


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